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Tammy has been a regularly practicing yogi for over ten years. She enjoys the physical activity, but especially appreciates the mental release from focusing inward.

Curiosity sparked her interest in teacher training and in 2015 she completed the 200 hour certification training at The Yoga Room. The nine month program reinforced her love for yoga and the idea that sharing it with others was one of her gifts. She has been teaching at The Yoga Room since January, 2017.

Tammy loves teaching balance poses in ways that make them more accessible for all students. She encourages the use of props to make poses more accessible and enjoys working with both beginners and seasoned yogis.

When she's not at the studio, Tammy is a community advocate working hard to register voters and get them to the polls. In addition, she works with gifted students in RRISD teaching math and sharing yogic breath and movement with them too.