How to Develop a Daily Yoga Practice

When I was in India a few months ago, I had an epiphany about yoga that really changed my way of thinking about home yoga practice. 

And then a few weeks ago, when my staff and I were brainstorming what kind of project we should do to celebrate our 6th Anniversary this year, I knew I wanted this epiphany to be a part of it.

But the thing is, the epiphany is such a game changer that it took some time for me to even find the right words to try to explain it to my staff. And even then, it took some discussion back and forth to clarify the concept.

When I talk to people about home yoga practice, one of the most common barriers people describe to developing a consistent home practice is self-discipline - being disciplined enough to set a time and actually get on the mat and figure out what kind of practice to do.

I faced the exact same challenge for years. Life is busy, things come up, and even if you strongly intend to practice, yoga falls by the wayside. I absolutely get understand that.

But when I was in India, my experience was remarkably different. My practice routine was documented by my teacher so that I could practice at home. The practice was perfectly suited to me because it was created for me. And since it was documented, I didn't have to think, I just followed the routine on the page.

My practice routine included a unique combination of asana, breathing, and chanting, and it created such a profound sense of wellness in me that I couldn't wait to wake up in the morning so I could do the practice again. And this was the epiphany. The key to daily practice is not motivation or self-discipline. It's a deep internal craving for a sense of wellness.

In The Yoga Project, which is a free program that I'm leading next month in honor of our 6th Anniversary, I will teach you what I learned about developing a daily practice. Through a combination of weekly calls, classes at the studio, and practice routines that I'll document and share with you, you'll begin to develop your baseline of personal wellness. Once you get a taste of that wellness, you'll feel inspired to practice at least a little bit every day to maintain (or even improve) your wellness.

I'd love, love, love to have you join us so you can feel like your best self every single day. Click here for more information about The Yoga Project, and for the link to sign up.

All my best,