Satya: Living Your Truth

Over the past several weeks I've been thinking a lot about satya, Truth. I've been thinking about how in some cases we are socialized to not live our Truth, not speak our Truth, and maybe even not recognize our Truth.

We are taught from a young age that there are certain thoughts, choices, and topics that are not acceptable, and certainly not appropriate to discuss in public. So these unacceptable, inappropriate topics become secrets. And secrets can cause a lot of pain and heartache.

So how do we get around this? How do we live our Truth? From a yogic perspective, we start by practicing self-reflection.

Chances are you know whether you're carrying a secret; you know whether you're experiencing pain and heartache. But sometimes the secret is so secret that you don't even realize it's a secret. What may tip you off is a persistent unsettled, stressed feeling. Dig into that. Ask yourself what is causing the unsettled feeling.

Sometimes you'll be able to answer the question right away, but sometimes it will take a while. Be patient. Make a routine of taking quiet time to care for yourself. Take a long bath, sit alone in a cafe and enjoy a cup of tea, or sit and meditate. Whatever suits you best.

This self-care regimen serves two purposes. It snuggles and nourishes you as you go through a stressful time. And it also helps you create space to process the unsettled feeling.

During your self-care time, you may choose to ponder what is causing your unsettled feeling, but you don't necessarily have to. Sometimes just taking time to be quiet and still can create an opportunity for an aha! moment when you realize what it is that's been bothering you.

And once you can put your finger on the secret, the un-Truth, that is causing you pain and heartache, you can start to work through it.

You might find that just identifying the un-Truth is enough to ease the pain. Or you might realize that you need to put more work into healing. Continue with your self-care regimen. Take time to process your feelings. If you need more help, consider talking to someone you trust, maybe a close friend or a therapist.

The first goal is to feel comfortable accepting your Truth. Be kind to yourself about the Truth. Forgive yourself if you need to.

Once you are able to accept your Truth, consider speaking your Truth. Tell people close to you about it. This can be really healing.

If you become comfortable speaking your Truth to your close friends and family, you might consider living your Truth. Know that everyone has at least one un-Truth that they struggle with. Know that living your Truth may inspire others to process their Truths and heal their pain and heartache.

I personally have been ruminating on this Truth concept for a while. I'm processing my Truths. I'm at the stage of speaking my Truths with close friends and other trusted people, and I've found a lot of support and a lot of healing. Maybe with a little more time and a little more self-care, I'll be ready to live my Truths. In the meantime, I'm being kind to myself and forgiving myself for my mis-steps.

What about you? Are you grappling with a Truth? Or have you successfully faced a Truth? Please feel welcome to share a Comment below. Your experience may be exactly what someone needs to hear to begin their healing.

Lots of love and a big hug, Zelinda