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4 Weeks to Great Self Care!

These days everyone seems to be doing a cleanse, a detox, a bootcamp, or some sort of intense program to improve their health. I think that's wonderful, and I wish I had the time to invest in such a thing, but the fact is that I just don't. Between running the studio, teaching classes, and caring for my family, I really don't have any extra time left over to prepare special foods for myself or drive someplace to work out every day.

4 self care logoSo I came up with the idea of this 4 Weeks to Great Self Care program that's a simple way to slowly and gently ramp up my wellness. And yours too, if you'd like!

Here's the plan. Each of the four weeks I'll send you a Self-Care Tracking Sheet. The first week we'll focus on getting adequate, good quality sleep. The reason we'll focus on sleep first is that it affects so many areas of our lives. Inadequate sleep causes low energy, foggy brain, cravings, poor management of stress, weight gain, etc. The list really goes on and on. Sleep is non-negotiable. So our first week we'll focus only on getting good sleep.

We'll share our little victories and also our short-comings and provide encouragement to each other in a private Facebook Group. And the Group also serves as a built-in accountability, which is key in developing new healthy self-care habits.

In the second week I'll send you a Tracker Sheet for water consumption. Everyone knows we need at least 8 glasses of water per day for proper hydration, circulation, and elimination of wastes and toxins from the body. So in Week 2 we'll continue focusing on good sleep and add water as our next self-care goal.

Once you set up healthy habits of sleep and water, you'll feel energized enough to commit to daily activity and we'll focus on making that a new healthy habit. Week 3's Tracking Sheet will help you monitor your level of activity, in addition to sleep and water consumption.

In Week 4 we'll take the first baby step in improving our eating habits, each person deciding for him or herself what aspect of nutrition to focus on first.

When the four weeks are complete, we will all be feeling better and probably looking better, too! You can continue using your Tracking Sheets to maintain your self-care goals and I'll provide the framework for you to create new self-care habits for yourself.

Does this sound like a helpful program for you? Do you want to join me in slow-playing your way to consistent self-care?

Week 1 will kick off on Monday, April 21st. Click here if you're interested in joining our 4 Self Care Facebook Group. I'll post the Week 1 Self-Care Tracker on Sunday, April 20th so that you can print it out and get started!

If you're interested in doing the program on your own (without Facebook), just email us and we'll send you the tracking sheets each of the four Sundays starting April 20th.

Feel free to invite your friends to join using the share links below! We're looking forward to getting started!

Zelinda Red Top


XO, Zelinda