Yoga, I Love You! Let Me Count The Ways.

Is this you? You love your yoga practice so much and you think you’d be lost without it. Whenever you feel “off,” you know a little yoga practice will get you back on track.

You’ve received so many benefits from your practice. Maybe too many to count, some so subtle you can’t even put words to them. You have a vague sense that yoga is limitless.

And you feel like you want more - a deeper practice, a deeper understanding - but you're not sure where or how to get more. Do you need more frequent practice, or perhaps harder classes? Or maybe more workshops is the way to go? Or maybe it’s meditation?

You're kind of thinking you might want to teach yoga, but you're not 100% sure.

If this is you, let’s talk.

Teacher Training is not only for people who want to teach yoga. It’s for anyone who wants to deepen their practice. Teacher Training is right for you if you want to:

  • seriously focus on your self care
  • sharpen your focus
  • be strong and flexible
  • understand anatomy and how yoga helps different parts of the body
  • learn more than just yoga poses (breathing, meditation, etc.)
  • learn about yoga philosophy
  • figure yourself out and get clear on your purpose
  • learn how to modify the practice for your or others’ specific needs
  • share yoga with your friends and family
  • cultivate a yogic lifestyle
  • invest time in honest self-study
  • learn about the history of yoga
  • learn the benefits and contraindications of yoga poses and breathing practices

Emily and I recorded a video last week about what goes on behind the scenes at Teacher Training. If you’re considering signing up for Training, you might want to take a gander at it.

We talk about the stages of growth that students experience during our 11 month program. I think the video provides a unique and interesting perspective that may be useful to you.

All my best,


P.S. It’s not too late to sign up for our 2016 Training! Let me know if you’d like to set up some time to chat with me and/or Emily. We’d be more than happy to answer and questions you have.